Z-Wave enabled 10 in 1 multi-sensor

With years of experience in engineering and design, MCOHome is committing to bring elegant designed, innovative and reliable technological solutions to home and business owners. A8 is a new released Z-Wave enabled 10 in 1 multi-sensor, with clear display and multifunctional monitoring system, built-in with temperature, humidity, PM2.5, VOC, PIR, ultra sonic, light intensity, noise, CO2, smoke sensors. It is mainly applied to the indoor air quality measuring, learn about staff attendance situation, detect surrounding noise and lightning changes. Moreover, a built-in Z-Wave module makes it a smart device which can be operated in any Z-Wave network with other Z-Wave certified devices.

                                            Front View.png                         Rear View.png

                                                            Front View                                                                       Rear View


Power supply: 12VDC adaptor

Dimension: 110*110*32mm

Z-Wave 500 plus

Installation: Wall surface mounted or put on desktop with a holder

Built-in 10 sensors:

Temperature Sensor: Indoor temperature detection

Humidity Sensor: Real-time surrounding humidity display

VOC Sensor: Volatile Organic Compounds waste gas data/level


Noise Sensor: Decibel information for friendly living circumstance 

Light Intensity Sensor: Light intensity feedback for energy-saving illumination

Motion Sensor: Motion detection

Ultra Sonic Sensor: Human/Object perception                                              

                   Within 0m-5m distance obverse

Smoke Sensor: Timely visual alert of smoke perception


CO2 Sensor: Carbon Dioxide concentration display


PM2.5 Sensor: Particulate Matter 2.5 concentration monitoring